Kitchen In A Box

Kitchen In A Box

As part of their Back To College collection, Target is offering an 80-Piece Kitchen In A Box ($35) that seriously has everything you need to get started. Included in the bundle are plates, bowls, tumblers, a flatware set, Dutch oven, a saucepan, a frying pan, storage containers, a knife set, a cutting board and more.

  • Grill-Top Pizza Stone

    Yes, the grill in the summer is versatile — cooking nearly every meal, if you want. But pizza? Pizza? Yes, you heard right — you can now cook pizza on your grill, thanks to the Grill-Top Pizza Stone ($100). The stone, specifically for gas grills, is made of porous clay, which sits on a raised stainless steel platform. There is a back-splash to keep all the goodies on the stone, and a thermometer to keep an eye on temperatures.

  • Throwzini Wood Block

    Wooden chopping blocks are a familiar sight in any kitchen, and so are knife blocks that hold the cutlery. Now you can combine the two ideas and add a little bit of festive atmosphere with the Throwzini Wood Block ($TBD). The block is shaped just like the ladies who stand in front of the board during knife throwing shows, and there are magnets hidden under the surface of the wood that hold the knives close. This could have made several horror movie struggles a lot more interesting.

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