Your standard woodsman's axe is already a great survival tool — capable of plenty more than just getting wood ready for a fire — but the Klax line of axes take it just another step further. Available in several models, each with a range of built-in tools, these axe heads sport a hammer head, an axe blade, hex wrenches, a bit drive socket, a ruler, and much more. And with their proprietary clamping system, they're a breeze to take on and off of any handle, letting you stow them away when you're on the move. Thanks to their stainless steel construction, you know they'll last for years without breaking or tarnishing, so you won't be left up a creek when you really need them.

  • Rotring 800+ Mechanical Pencil Stylus

    It gets to a certain point in your creative career when the only limitations are the tools you can get your hands on — and while the Rotring 800+ Mechanical Pencil Stylus is small, the effect it'll have on your work won't be. At once a mechanical pencil and stylus for your touch devices, the Rotring 800+ doesn't put limits on your medium, whether you're picking up your sketchbook or your tablet. With an ergonomic barrel, you'll find perfect balance every time you pick it up, while the retractable pencil mechanism lets you easily switch between functions.

  • Logosol M8 Sawmill

    There's nothing quite like the feeling of building with timber you have sawn yourself — whether you're building a new deck for your home, a log hunting cabin, or a tree house — from choosing a tree, to felling it, to milling it down to usable boards. And with the Logosol M8 Sawmill, milling your own timber has never been easier or more convenient. Made to be portable and easy to assemble at just about any job site, from your wood shop, to your back yard, to the middle of the woods, there's no limit to what you can accomplish. It's ergonomic and durable, made from lightweight aluminum, all you need to do is supply your own chainsaw, and you're ready to go.

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