Kombo Fish Tool

Hitting a fish with your bare hands isn't so smart. Ikejime is brutal, if effective. And most bonkers look like post-apocalyptic weaponry. The Kombo Fish Tool, however, does not. It combines an ergonomic handle, a polypropylene body with three stainless steel weights for maximum impact, and built-in sharpener. Once the fish is still, you can use the hidden fillet knife to clean it, and there's a spoon on the back for the stubborn bits. And should you happen to lose your grip, rest assured that it will float atop the water until you're ready to retrieve it.

Presented by Kombo.

  • Poler Dutch Oven

    Crafted from cast iron and built for the campground, the Poler Dutch Oven makes for a nice addition to your summertime cooking arsenal. The 10-inch pot comes pre-seasoned so you can use it right away, and features built-in feet to keep it steady, a cast iron lid, and a sturdy handle that makes pulling it off the flames safe and easy. Good for everything from desserts to cowboy classics like beans and cornbread.

  • SipaBoard Smart Paddleboard

    Most "smart" products add in app compatibility and call it a day. The SipaBoard Smart Paddleboard is intelligent in several different ways. For one, it features an electric jet propulsion engine built into the board that provides up to 3.5 knots of assistance. It's also inflatable, so it's easy to pack to and from the water, and the jet doubles as a compressor that can inflate the board in six minutes. And yes, it's smart in the common sense, too, with a Bluetooth 4.0 connection that lets you control the speed from your phone or watch and gives you an alert when the battery hits 50%. Yet there's really no need to put your electronics at risk, since there's also a wireless control built right into the paddle.

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