KRU 82 Vodka

You could buy yourself a reusable, stainless steel bottle for your water-holding needs. Or you could just buy a bottle of KRU 82 Vodka ($TBA). Imported from Holland and bottled in a handsome, reusable, recyclable, and shatterproof stainless steel container, it offers up a clean taste with an unusually smooth finish, which is fitting for a vodka that comes with its own strap and carabiner.

  • Smoked Salmon Vodka

    Leave it to those wacky Alaskans to integrate fish into their booze. Smoked Salmon Vodka ($TBA) is what it says: premium vodka, made using glacier ice from Prince William Sound, infused with the flavor of savory smoked salmon. Useful in everything from bloody marys and martinis to luscious cream sauces, it's the latest testament to our ability to imbibe damn near anything in the name of getting sauced.

  • Bakon Vodka

    No, that's not a typo. Bakon Vodka ($30) is a new premium-quality potato vodka infused with a savory bacon flavor. Distilled from Idaho potatoes and possessing a perfect hint of peppery bacon flavor. Great in a bloody mary, good when paired with scotch, not so hot in a white russian — unless you like the way they taste on the way back up — but what we really, really want is a recipe for a bacon cheeseburger. [Thanks, Everyone]

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