Krups ZB500 Infinity Slow Juicer

Most juicers are good at one thing: turning whole fruits into tasty, healthy liquids. While the Krups ZB500 Infinity Slow Juicer can handle that job with aplomb, it's got a trick that most juicers don't. Thanks to its two separate stainless steel baskets, you can choose the finer grid basket for making juices and cocktails, or go with the coarser basket for a head-start on sauces, smoothies, and coulis. And thanks to a super-silent motor, you don't have to worry about waking up the whole house every time you want a drink.

  • Canadiano Coffee Maker

    For the minimalist coffee lover in you, there's the Canadiano Coffee Maker ($60-$80; includes one pound of coffee). Carved from a single block of cherry, walnut, or maple wood, this coffee maker is truly as simple as it gets, featuring a metal filter that never needs to be replaced. Each variety is meant for a specific sort of coffee — with walnut made for darker roasts, and maple or cherry made for nuttier, more citrusy beans. All you need to do is place it over your mug, add in two scoops of coarsely-ground beans, and pour over hot water. With two to four minutes of brewing, and stirring to suit your preference, you get a personalized single cup of coffee every time, without all the waste of other single cup methods.

  • Searzall

    While, admittedly, not everyone is going to necessarily find everyday applications for a product like the Searzall ($65), if you're a serious home cook (or small-time professional chef), you'll wonder how you ever did without it. It's a fixture for a standard blow-torch, making it much better suited for use with food by helping eliminate the torch-taste commonly found in foods seared with a torch. It works by forcing the flame through two layers of heat-proof mesh, largely reducing the flame to radiant heat, and letting it perfectly sear sous-vide foods, foie gras, fish, steak, burgers — really anything.

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