Laives Mountain Retreat

Overlooking Italy's Adige Valley, the Laives Mountain Retreat uses minimalist design to highlight its expansive views. The home is braced by an old stone retaining wall, leaving the back of the ground floor's master bedroom, bathroom, office, and sauna buried masked by the hillside. Aside from a kitchen island, the second-story living area is nearly bare to keep the space free from obstructions and distractions. This makes way for the nearly 360-degree views of the vineyards and Tessa mountains, provided by the steel and glass facade.

Photos: Laura Egger / Modo Studio

  • Fu House

    Constructed from a series of windowless concrete slabs, the Fu House uses its monolithic facade to conceal the sights and sounds of its noisy industrialized environment. Each of these slabs is supported by a delicate white panel, the bottom of which is slightly elevated to make the home appear to levitate off of the ground. The exterior materials are exposed internally, paired with white tile floors and minimal decor to create a monochromatic pallet. Light enters only through a pair of glazed walls, flanking the main living area. On one side the glass opens to a patio and wading pool, while the other turns the Ferrari parked under the carport into a work of art.

    Photos: Kenji Masunaga / Kubota Architect Atelier

  • Tent House

    Set in a clearing roughly 20 minutes from Australia's Sunshine Coast, the Tent House is a versatile dwelling that transitions from winter to summer with ease. It has three bedrooms set on either side of a central open space, home to the living, dining, and kitchen areas. Thanks to sliding walls and roof panels, the interior can be completely closed off and insulated in colder weather, then open up when the temperature calls for it. When open, the white of the tent canopy lightens up the dark structural "box" and concrete floors, while the lack of walls lets inhabitants enjoy views of the surrounding forest and garden.

    Photos: Christopher Frederick Jones / Sparks Architects

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