Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System

Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System

Nerf darts at noon are fine and dandy, but real office warfare is done after hours in low light with the Lazer Tag Multiplayer Battle System ($80). The new package includes two Phoenix LTX guns (with rumble pack, recoil feature, and manual reload option), a Pinpoint Sight (for better accuracy), and a Shot Blast attachment (to tag multiple targets at once and boost your hit damage). You can add an unlimited amount of guns for total co-worker mayhem, and you can sharpen your skills with the included video game module that hooks up to your TV for a first-person Lazer Tag game.

  • Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon

    She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. In fact, the Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon ($160) has it all. The first new Millennium Falcon toy since the original debuted in 1979, this updated rebel spacecraft measures over two-and-a-half feet long (30% percent larger than the old one) and features a light-up cockpit, headlights, hyperdrive engine, and Dejarik table (!), as well as a ton of authentic movie phrases and sounds. It accommodates up to 18 figures (Han and Chewy included) and also has always-handy secret smuggling compartments, working missile launchers, Luke's Jedi training probe, mini-fighter vehicle, and pivoting gunner station. You simply won't find a better Corellian freighter in the whole galaxy. 
    Our Tatooine hands-on photos below.

  • Super Soaker Bottle Shot

    It's that time of year again. Our first summer toy to get the Uncrate seal of approval is the Super Soaker Bottle Shot ($8). While not a canon, this pump-action water blaster, which guns down poolside terrorists up to 20 feet away, lets you use as many plastic bottles as you can carry for liquid ammo. So screw in that 2 liter of Pepsi, strap on 10 or 12 water bottles and get going, soldier.

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