LCD TopGun

LCD TopGun

Although this wasn’t a problem we were aware of until very recently, some console and PC light guns don’t work with newer plasma and LCD TVs. The LCD TopGun for PS2, Xbox and PC ($35) was designed with this problem in mind, and is compatible with all TVs — CRT, LCD, plasma, DLP and projectors. Plus, it also supports vibration and features auto-fire and auto reload — so you won’t even hit a snag while shooting up your mindless zombie enemies.

  • Midway Home Use Arcade Machine

    If you're anything like us, you've dreamed of having your own arcade machine since you were old enough to beg your mom for quarters. The Midway Home Use Arcade Machine ($500; available Nov. 15) can make your shallow retro gaming dream come true. The full-size unit features 12 classic Midway games including: Joust, Defender I and II, Robotron, Rampage, Splat, Satan's Hollow, Root Beer Tapper, Bubbles, Wizard of War, Timber and Sinistar. The machine comes ready to roll with a full color monitor, two-player joysticks, and extra A/V inputs so you can also hook up your PS2 or Xbox to the screen.

  • Commodore 64 Joystick with 30 Games

    You can now once again play the classic games from the Commodore 64 Home Entertainment System with this plug-and-play joystick ($20). It packs in 30 of the best old school Commodore 64 games including: Impossible Mission, Firelord, Pitstop, and Jumpman Junior, Apshai, Sword of Fargoal, and Summer Games.

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