Lem Big Bite Meat Grinder

We love ourselves some burgers here at Uncrate HQ, but unless you're buying your ground beef/turkey/monkey brains from a specialty shop, odds are you have no idea of what's in your meat or where it came from. The Lem Big Bite Meat Grinder ($700) can let you take back control of the situation, using its 1.5 hp motor, #32 head, stainless steel body, and 720 pounds-an-hour capacity to turn your own local farm-sourced meats into delectable patties.

  • Krups Silver Art Collection

    Thinking of decking your kitchen out in blinging chrome? Outfit it with the Krups Silver Art Collection ($80-$300). Including a coffee machine, espresso machine, tea kettle, toaster and juicer, each piece sports a high-gloss chrome body with natural wood accents, taking care of all your small appliance needs while blinding you with shiny exteriors.

  • Obol

    We've all faced it: the dilemma of dousing your favorite cereal in milk, only to battle against the inevitability of sogginess. The Obol ($20) is here to help. Offering trademarked features like the "Swoop n Scoop," this partitioned breakfast tool keeps your cereal happily separated from your white, questionably healthy animal fluid, letting you crunch away at your own pace.

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