Light My Fire Spork

Light My Fire Spork

Long recognized by men as the greatest utensil ever, the spork has fallen on some hard times. Years of neglect (read: non-interest) have relegated this mighty tool to plastic-wrapped-disposable-fast-food-hell. Now, nearly 100 years after the spork first graced a hand, the Light My Fire Spork ($3-$10) is prepared to face the rigorous world of eating utensils. Featuring a spoon and a fork at opposing ends, Light My Fire has also included a small serrated edge that will impress your friends, possibly cut through a fish and, in all likelihood, embarrass your girlfriend.

  • Outdoor MealKit

    This Outdoor MealKit ($25) from Design Within Reach packs "everything you need to enjoy a three-course meal on the go." Tucked into its triangular compartment are two plates, a cup with lid, a colander/cutting board, a water box for whatever and a spork. Who the hell knows why you'd need all of that stuff on the go, but good scouts come prepared.

  • Titan Exhaust Air Jack

    Ditch your car's unwieldy (and sometimes unsafe) mini-jack and pick up a Titan Exhaust Air Jack ($120 and up). Available in three sizes, the Titan uses a hose connected to your car's exhaust pipe to inflate smoothly and quickly, lifting your vehicle up to 30 inches off the ground, and giving you plenty of space to work. It can stay inflated for up to 45 minutes, and can deflate in just 5 seconds, getting you back on the road in no time.

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