Logitech Revue

Remember all those times we've been told about the inevitable merging of the web with TV, where finding shows would be as easy as finding porn pizza places online and we'd be able to simply click during an ad to purchase the product? Well, the Logitech Revue with Google TV ($300) gets us awfully close. Google TV works with your current paid TV subscription as well as the vast majority of video online, channeling Google's search mojo to make it all easy to find and seamless to switch between. The Revue sits between your cable/satellite box and your TV, hijacking the HDMI connection to bring you goodness like Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, and a new feature called Fling that lets you take what you're checking out on your phone and instantly put it on your TV. You can control the setup with the included controller that packs a keyboard, remote control, and touchpad, or simply use your phone, but one thing's for sure: your standard TV remote is going bye-bye.

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