Loop Elliptical Pool Table

Based around some sound-yet-obscure geometric laws regarding ellipses, the Loop Elliptical Pool Table lets you play a skillful game of pool on a smaller table and with only three balls. To play, you set the eight ball on a dot opposite the pocket, flanked by the yellow and red balls. The two players then shoot at one or the other colored balls, attempting to drop it, followed by the black ball. It looks easy, but when you realize that the game's all about indirect hits and using the angles of balls bounced off the rail, it becomes a far more formidable — and enjoyable — challenge.

  • Game Boy 1Up

    If you grew up on the Game Boy, or just respect and understand the trail it blazed for all the handheld gaming devices that came after it, you'll love the idea behind the Game Boy 1Up. The concept takes the original elements of the Game Boy from 1989, and updates them in subtle ways like the addition of earbuds and the evolution to landscape mode. If executed, the 1Up would be compatible with the functions and requirements of current games, constructed from plastic reinforced with natural fiber.

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