Magic Chef Pizza Oven

Magic Chef Pizza Oven

The bachelor pad appliance scene takes a giant step forward with this Magic Chef Pizza Oven ($200). This little wonder in a box is a combo pizza oven and microwave. What more could a guy want? The pizza side of the operation prepares a 12-inch pie in 15 minutes on the Teflon coated non-stick pan with no pre-heating time. Take that Pizza Hut!

  • Melitta Smart Mill & Brew

    You'll never look at coffee the same way again after you fire up the Melitta Smart Mill & Brew ($250) for the first time. This 10-cup coffee maker, besides being able to grind fresh beans to a variety of settings just before brewing, can also give you the weather forecast through its backlit LCD screen. This weather info, updated constantly, is provided through MSN Direct technology which picks up data through unused FM radio waves in many major cities.

  • Snowman Sugar Dispenser

    As the holidays draw near, it's nice to find neat, original decorations for your home — especially if yours has a more modern decor. The Life of The Snowman Sugar Dispenser by Maxim Vecovsky ($40) is a great holiday kitchen accessory, as the snowman looks like he melts away the more sugar is used from it. Fun yet functional and elegant — more than you can say for most holiday decorations.

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