Mario Batali Pizza Set

Mario Batali Pizza Set

Pizza delivery is convenient, but if you want the best pie possible, you have to make it yourself. The Mario Batali Pizza Set ($170) includes everything you need to bake your own pizza at home. The set includes a soft grip pizza wheel, a flexible turner, a plastic counter scraper, measuring prep bowls, silicone rolling pin, measuring spoons, mozzarella slicer, garlic slicer, pizza pan, pizza peel, and a work mat.

  • Le Creuset French Ovens

    Most of the cooking gear we've covered here on Uncrate is made from stainless steel, but no stainless pan can stand up to slow cooking like a Le Creuset French Oven ($115-$350). Made from enameled cast iron, the ovens distribute heat more evenly than most regular pans, and tight fitting lids ensure the moisture and flavor stay inside. When your meal (they're great for cooking risotto) is ready, the same oven helps retain heat for serving. A great addition to any kitchen.

  • Squid Whisk

    If you're a seafood lover (or are a weird cephalopod fan) then perhaps this is the whisk for you. The calamari-inspired Squid Whisk ($20) was designed by Laurent Mouveau in France, and features a great colored handle with a unique curled wire design at the bottom as opposed to the normal "loop" design.

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