Marshmallow Crossbow

Its name suggests that it's a child's toy. The clean, modern design does not. This Marshmallow Crossbow looks more at home in a bookcase than in the toy aisle. Made by hand in Vancouver, it has a wooden shaft and trigger, with a steel bow, 'mallow holder, and release. It shoots up to 60 feet, so it's perfect for the boardroom, and won't make your office or cubicle look like a playplace when it's on the shelf.

  • ThingMaker 3D Printer

    Created by seasoned toy maker Mattel, the ThingMaker 3D Printer gives you free reign over your own in-house toy factory. Design your creatures on the ThingMaker Design app or export them straight from the cloud. They'll be wirelessly sent to the printer where it will spit out your custom action figure. A retracting print head and automated door lock make it safe for the kiddos and overly anxious adults. The app is already available at the App Store and Google Play, but you'll have to wait until the fall to get your hands on those TOTY-worthy creations.

  • Brixo Blocks

    Usually, once you've assembled your latest masterpiece, it just collects dust on your shelf or becomes a plastic paper weight. But click in a few Brixo Blocks and get that Lego Back to the Future Time Machine hitting 88 MPH. Powered by a low voltage battery, these building blocks act as electric conductors to create simple circuits that add light, motion, and sound to any structure, without any annoying wires. A chrome coating makes them completely safe for the little ones, in case you decide to share.

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