Marshmallow Mforcer

Marshmallow Mforcer

Yes, we could go on about its shiny plastic body, the feel of the trigger, or its shots per second, but none of that matters. What matter is the Marshmallow Mforcer ($40) is a pump-action semi-automatic pistol that shoots mini marshmallows, storing up to 15 at a time for full-on co-worker assaults. Don't eat the ammo, tubby.

  • Monopoly Revolution

    It only took 75 years or so, but someone finally got around to doing a first-rate redesign of the classic Monopoly board. Monopoly Revolution ($35; Fall 2010) eschews the game's traditional square surface for a modern circular board, while retaining all the fun gameplay of the original. New features include updated "here and now" pricing, an electronic game pod that keeps track of players' money — via electronic banking cards — and also provides sound effects and song clips that correspond with events in the game.

  • Snofling

    There's no better use for a bucketload of snow than a good old fashioned snowball fight, and the Snofling ($5) is here to make your bright white battles even better. Made from high-impact plastic, this nifty tool creates snowballs without the need for you to bend over and get your hands wet, allows snowballs to be flung farther than with just your arms, and even packs a built-in noise-maker for bragging after tagging an opponent in the face.

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