Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda

Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda

Prepare yourself for the anti-Red Bull. Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda ($30/12-pack) is an all-natural soft drink that's made from a special blend of herbal extracts, including Kava Extract and Passionflower, carbonated water, and all-natural cane sugar to help provide relaxation to both the body and mind — great for tense situations like job interviews, first dates, long trips, or for when you'd like to toke up on a bit of Mary Jane's namesake but can't, won't, or don't have any. [Thanks, Mike]

  • Root

    Ever wonder where root beer came from? Well, it used to be root tea, an alcoholic drink the settlers picked up from the Native Americans — but prohibition ended all of that, so it was drained of its alcohol and rechristened "root beer." Now you can get a taste of the original, organic, and very alcoholic tea with Root ($39). Made from birch bark, black tea, spearmint, sugar cane, and other natural ingredients, every sip is like a step back in time.

  • Root Beer Making Kit

    Whether you're underage, weening yourself off the hard stuff, or just want a non-alcoholic DIY beverage option, you can make your own with the Root Beer Making Kit ($13). This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to brew up four gallons of the sudsy stuff, including 2 oz of root beer extract, special brewing yeast, a funnel, project guide, blank labels, and a storage container.

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