MB&F x Hodinkee MusicMachine 2

When it comes to music boxes, few are as intricate — or expensive — as the MB&F x Hodinkee MusicMachine 2. Plainly drawing inspiration from Star Trek's USS Enterprise, this limited-edition box is clad in untreated, gunmetal-colored aluminum, with two 3.72 movements that rotate in opposite directions. On the right cylinder, you'll find snippets from "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Smoke on the Water", while on the left, there are snippets from both "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" main titles, suggesting that whoever came up with this idea had his market pegged as "the affluent stoner geek."

  • Outdoor Tech Kodiak Ruggedized Portable Charger

    There are plenty of battery packs out there that can keep your gadgets charged on the go, but few of them can stand up to the elements like the Outdoor Tech Kodiak Ruggedized Portable Charger. This rugged power source sports a high-capacity, 6000 milliamp battery that can charge a GoPro six times, a Galaxy three times, or an iPhone four times without needing to recharge — and it does it quickly, too, thanks to 2.1 Amp output. It's also certified IP-54 shock- and water-resistant, so it'll stay ready for action no matter what abuse you throw its way.

  • Navdy

    We've all done it — no matter how vigilant you are about keeping your eyes on the road, you've no doubt glanced at your phone to check on your directions or view an important notification. With Navdy, that will be a thing of the past. This 5.1-inch transparent heads-up display connects to your phone via low-power Bluetooth and presents your navigation info and incoming notifications in a distraction-free way — above your dash, and between your eyes and the road. An IR camera lets you control things via touchless gestures, and thanks to an OBD-II power and data connection, it can give you pertinent info about your car's performance and vitals, too, all without making any modifications to your existing ride.

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