Meade LX90GPS Telescope

Meade LX90GPS Telescope

Save time gazing at the stars with the Meade LX90GPS Telescope ($2,734). With its built-in Sony GPS sensor and AutoAlign technology, the telescope determines its location and aligns your scope for a tour of the universe. After that's over, you can use it to locate over 30,000 other objects. The LX90GPS is built upon the legendary LX90 Schmidt-Cassegrain astro telescope, featuring ultra high transmission coatings, autostar computer hand control, and tripod. Be sure to also spring for the Meade Deep Sky Imager Pro ($130), an easy-to-use monochrome CCD camera that lets you take crazy photos of galaxies, star clusters and planets.

  • Firefly Water Bottle Light

    Wide-mouth plastic water bottles are a common sight during outdoor adventures, and so are lanterns — but this is the first time we've seen them brought together. The Firefly by Guyot Designs ($22) is an ingenious little device that attaches to the mouth of your water bottle and uses an integrated LED to turn your bottle into a glowing lantern. Luckily, should you have an encounter with any hostile wildlife, the brightness is adjustable.

  • Solar Garden Shower

    If you're anything like us, you simply hate to come back into the house carrying with you all the nastiness that comes from gardening, mowing the lawn, or just in general working outside. Well, now you can clean that junk off before you come in with the Solar Garden Shower ($900). Equipped with a 20 liter tank, the shower can store hot water for up to five people and you can even mix the hot water with colder water straight from the hose. I can only imagine how useful this thing could be at a beach house. [via]

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