Mensgroom Sore No More

Mensgroom Sore No More

If you're still recovering from that "friendly" softball game this past weekend, you're probably wishing you had some of this stuff. Made from a secret mixture of Menthol, Aloe Vera and Mannetake Mushrooms, Mensgroom Sore No More ($24) is a quick-drying gel that helps quickly soothe your atrophied office muscles.

  • Amenity Foot Spray

    If your shoes tend to resemble the bayou after a long workout (or just a long day at work), pick up some Amenity Foot Spray ($32). With a mixture of Drieline, willow bark, menthol, and clove and thyme, this stuff helps prevent wetness and odor, minimizes crevices on feet, and reduces calluses. The locking sprayer is great for a gym bag.

  • NXT Light Shave Gel

    Designed for sensitive skin, NXT Light Shave Gel ($5) is light in more than one way. It's light on foam, to let you get a better glimpse at what you're shaving — lest you accidentally slice off your prized soul patch — but it also comes in a specially designed package that boasts an LED in the bottom, lighting the gel up like a lava lamp once every 15 seconds. Great for the looks of your bathroom shelves, bad for trying to smuggle dinosaur DNA. [Thanks, Jno | via]

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