Metal Doormat

Metal Doormat

'Tis the season for nasty slush getting on your shoes, so keeping that muck out of your home should be a top priority. This Metal Doormat ($59) was designed for gardeners' muddy boots, but we're pretty sure it will work for winter sludge as well — keeping your carpeting and entryway looking like it's still summertime.

  • Scallywag Sloop Treehouse

    Treehouses are one of the coolest things about being a kid — and this is one cool treehouse. The Scallywag Sloop Treehouse ($20,500) is an oversize, pirate-themed treehouse that will make your backyard "the place" for your child and their friends. It features a 5'x6' custom "pirate" themed club house, an 8'x6' galleon-style pirate bow, a swing, a fireman's pole, a ship's wheel, and a ship's mast w/crow's nest on the roof. Options include a spiral slide, and a cast-iron cannon. So cool, we're thinking about getting one and renaming it "Uncrate HQ."

  • Envelope Mailbox

    This stainless steel mailbox has an awesome geek-vibe thanks to a computer icon-like frosted envelope design on the front. The wall-mount Envelope Mailbox ($68) from Chiasso has a lock for keeping your mail safe and a dedicated tube to hold newspapers and magazines. Overall, just really, really cool.

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