Micro Cabin

At just a mere 98 square feet, the Micro Cabin can stand on its own in the dense Ontario forest. The cozy retreat operates completely off-grid, warmed by a wood-burning stove and lit by natural light, creating the most honest escape you can get from your everyday life. Its dark timber cladding stands out against the snowy landscape, contrasted by the interior's natural plywood sheathing. A lofted bedroom sits above the ground floor living area to make the most of its modest size.

Photos: Larocque Elder Architects

  • Geilo Cabin

    Set over 3,200 feet above sea level near one of Norway's premier skiing destinations, Geilo Cabin is built to withstand the harshest winter weather. Its facade is made from black-painted wood and black-tinted concrete, hiding within an inner courtyard created by the main area, guest house, and carport. The interior is similarly sparse, with black concrete floors, iron sulphate-treated oak, and a black fireplace, providing a stunning contrast with the natural landscape, especially during the winter months when the cabin is accessible by snowmobile or ski only.

    Photos: Mark Goodwin / Lund Hagem

  • Martis Valley Ski Retreat

    Clad in charred cedar and black steel panels, the Martis Valley Ski Retreat is inspired by its alpine forest surroundings. The home is comprised of a pair of two-story structures, bridged by a glazed single-story living and dining area with undisrupted views of the pine and fir tree forest bed. The focal point of the room is a travertine marble slab fireplace, a material that can also be found on the kitchen workspace. The cedar facade was treated with an ancient Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban to blend in with the hues of the plot's evergreen tree trunks. Located at the foot of Northstar California, skiing is the main attraction with access to the runs of Lookout Mountain.

    Photos: Joe Fletcher / Faulkner Architects

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