Midnight Stars House

On an isolated cliffside on the Greek island of Corfu, the Midnight Stars House is a contemporary refurbishment of a former summer home. Composed of two staggered volumes, the continuous arch pattern and monochromatic facade work together to pay homage to the vernacular architecture of the region. White plastered floors and walls on the interior pair with curved ceilings and mirrored finishes to give the previously traditional elements a modern revision. Covered terraces line a concrete patio and lap pool, allowing for undisrupted daytime views of the surrounding olive groves and the Ionian Sea below. At night, the secluded setting highlights overhead scenery created by the evening sky.

Photos: 314 Architecture Studio

  • Seaberg House

    Located along the Melbourne coast, the Seaberg House is reviving the classic Australian beach house. The home sits as a cluster of buildings, connected by a wooden platform. This separation of space allows for added privacy among the central communal spaces and detached outbuildings. Its multi-level layout provides unobstructed views of the neighboring ocean from every angle of the main living area. While the interior carries a carrying a relaxed palette of light grays and warm woods, the key design feature is in the filtration of natural light. Slatted and perforated window screens act as a template, casting unique patterns throughout the interior space.

    Photos: Derek Swalwell / Kerstin Thompson Architects

  • Modern Lodge

    Overlooking Weatherby Lake, the Modern Lodge reimagines the traditional lakeside retreat. The home is comprised of two stacked volumes, resulting in a simple rectangular form. To counteract the contemporary design, the main structure is covered in a timber cladding giving the facade a rustic quality, while the private wings are clothed in a clean white stucco. The interior follows the same contrasting aesthetic with a mix of clean lines, blackened steel, and warm woods. Large double height windows create a constant connection to the outdoors by providing both water-front views, as well as entry to a covered deck where the surrounding landscape can be enjoyed first-hand.

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