Midway Home Use Arcade Machine

Midway Home Use Arcade Machine

If you're anything like us, you've dreamed of having your own arcade machine since you were old enough to beg your mom for quarters. The Midway Home Use Arcade Machine ($500; available Nov. 15) can make your shallow retro gaming dream come true. The full-size unit features 12 classic Midway games including: Joust, Defender I and II, Robotron, Rampage, Splat, Satan's Hollow, Root Beer Tapper, Bubbles, Wizard of War, Timber and Sinistar. The machine comes ready to roll with a full color monitor, two-player joysticks, and extra A/V inputs so you can also hook up your PS2 or Xbox to the screen.

  • Xbox 360

    As pretty serious gamers, we are really looking forward to all the next-generation consoles, but up until now we didn’t have a release date for any of them. The Xbox 360 ($400; available Nov. 22) features wireless controllers, an “all games in HD” guarantee, a huge bonus for those of us out there with HDTVs, astounding graphical capabilities, a 20 GB hard drive, three 3.2 GHz processors, well, you get the idea — this thing is going to kick some major ass.

  • Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2

    Have an extra, older computer lying around? Give it life by downloading some emulators, and then enjoy all the retro gaming from the comfort of the couch with the Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 ($40). It features a familiar PS2-style layout, analog control, vibration, and up to thirty feet of interference free action.

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