Mini Materials

Whether you want a trial run at building an adult-size project or just want to make a shelter for your pet bugs, these Mini Materials let you create custom structures with no permits required. The cinder blocks are made from real cement, the bricks are made from real terra cotta, and mortar that's thankfully easier to use than the real stuff. All the materials are 1/12 scale, which is pretty standard for miniature models, and are only limited by your imagination — and dexterity.

  • Rawstudio Travel Chess Set

    Pairing a smart design with contrasting materials, the Rawstudio Travel Chess Set overcomes the limits regularly embraced by portable games to create something that's both easily packable and worthy of display at home. Each piece in the set is made from heat-treated and oxidized stainless steel, polished by hand to create the differences in color and designed so that they interlock when stacked. This results in a "tube" that can then be used to house the rollable leather pieces, which alternate the skin and suede sides of the Italian hide to create the black and white squares of the board. Shipped in a wooden presentation box, made using Victorian-era machinery in London.

  • Cosmos Magnetic Wooden Blocks

    They're nowhere near as complex as most building toys. And that's entirely the point. Cosmos Magnetic Wooden Blocks use a patented system of neodymium magnets that pop up to snap together much like real-world locking mechanisms. They're available in five sets — shuttle, rocket, satellite, lander, and planet — with a grand total of 28 wooden pieces and 58 connection points among them. An ideal gift for aspiring explorers and space-obsessed big kids alike.

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