Mirror Mirror Roof House

Sitting above the rooftops in The Netherlands, the Mirror Mirror Roof House puts all other tree houses to shame. Like its name implies, the cubed roof extension is clad in a mirrored glass, reflecting the landscape around it and making it almost disappear into the background. The double-height interior is completely sheathed in sheets of natural pinewood, housing an office and a floating steel bedroom. Large openings on every wall not only allow in plenty of sunlight but also provide continuous views of the surround treetops. Not too shabby for a 12-year-old boy.

  • High House

    Hovering above a Quebec hillside, the High House uses a foundation of stilts to adapt to its snowy terrain. The gabled structure is elevated off the ground to protect the first level from the frigid elements, while also creating a protected outdoor area. Its clean lines are clad in a white concrete paneling and a corrugated steel roof to blend into the winter landscape, but also creates a striking contrast with its green backdrop in the summer months. The raised design also lifts the focus above the surrounding tree line, allowing for views of the Mont Saint Anne from the main living area.

  • Shaolin Flying Monks Temple

    Levitation has been an interest of the Shaolin monks for centuries. The Shaolin Flying Monks Temple finally lets them experience it, thanks to a massive wind turbine. The turbine is surrounded by a curved amphitheater so spectators can enjoy the aerial displays, learning more about the history of Zen and Kung-Fu all while seated in a building inspired by monks' beloved Songshan mountain.

    Photos: Ansis Starks / Mailitis Architects

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