Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor

We all know that we spend a significant amount of our lives asleep. So why is that why it's normal to track our movement when awake, not many people track their sleep? Well, the Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor is here to change that. Unlike most trackers that need to be worn to be effective, the Beddit is flat, and lives under sheets — meaning it's the most unobtrusive way to keep tabs on your sleep quality, duration, cycles, and how long it takes you to fall asleep, as well as your heart rate, respiration rate, and snoring, all of which you can check out via the slick companion app.

  • Adobe Ink & Slide

    Drawing on a tablet or smartphone is nearly as easy as drawing on paper — but most styluses lack the intelligence to really streamline the process. The Adobe Ink & Slide seek to change all that. Designed with the iPad in mind, the set includes an incredibly accurate digital drawing tool that uses Bluetooth LE to stay connected to your devices and features a button that can bring up on-screen menus for selecting different tools and colors, as well as a digital ruler that makes it simple to draw complex shapes. And thanks to Creative Cloud integration, your assets and color schemes will be ready and waiting for you.

  • Gamevice Controller

    Let's face it — there's nothing natural about playing a console-style game on a touchscreen device — at least not without the Gamevice Controller. This handy controller gives you the joysticks, directional pad, triggers, and buttons you're used to on a console controller, making gaming on your iPad Mini as comfortable as playing in front of your TV. There's no need to pair it with your iPad, just plug it in and play (it works out of the box with thousands of already-available games). And with an ergonomic design meant to comfortably fit both hands, gaming on your iPad has never felt so natural.

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