Modern Lodge

Overlooking Weatherby Lake, the Modern Lodge reimagines the traditional lakeside retreat. The home is comprised of two stacked volumes, resulting in a simple rectangular form. To counteract the contemporary design, the main structure is covered in a timber cladding giving the facade a rustic quality, while the private wings are clothed in a clean white stucco. The interior follows the same contrasting aesthetic with a mix of clean lines, blackened steel, and warm woods. Large double height windows create a constant connection to the outdoors by providing both water-front views, as well as entry to a covered deck where the surrounding landscape can be enjoyed first-hand.

  • Salsten House

    Set along the coast in Härnösand, Sweden, the Salsten House pays homage to its previous life while welcoming a modern extension. From the front, the old beach villa appears to retain its former facade by maintaining its simple form and intricate woodwork, but hiding in the rear is a contemporary counterpart. Extending off the dining room, a timber addition extends away from the existing structure toward the shore. Vertical wood slats clad the walls and ceiling, complemented by polished concrete floors. The only disruption to this natural palette is a series of large windows, providing new views of the neighboring water.

    Photos: Stefan Bergkvist / Skalso Arkitekter

  • Open Source House

    By streamlining the materials and process, the Open Source House cuts costs and time without sacrificing design. The 1,200 square foot structure opted out of traditional building practices and instead used wood panels as their main material, eliminating the need for plastering and painting and the expense that comes with them. These panels were cut and varnished off-site and cover the walls, floors, and ceilings, creating a minimalist aesthetic. The open floor plan consists of a living room, kitchen, mezzanine, and upper-level bedrooms and bathrooms. Glazed doors provide a natural light source as well as access to an exterior terrace. If you like what you see, Studiolada Architects have shared the plans free of charge.

    Photos: Olivier Mathiotte / Studiolada Architects

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