Moscot Sun

Moscot Sun

We've long been fans of Moscot's lineup of original prescription frames, and now the company's bringing them into the sunglasses market with Moscot Sun ($180-$275). Available in eighteen designs and in a variety of colors and lens treatments, there's undoubtedly one to fit your face — and don't everyone go running to the Buddy Holly-approved Lemtosh (pictured) all at once.

  • Secret Identity Eyeglass Kit

    Looking for a way to disguise your superhero powers when interacting with the common man? Grab yourself a Secret Identity Eyeglass Kit ($40). Based in part on one of the most effective alter egos ever — Superman's delightfully inept Clark Kent — this pair of plain black frames with clear plastic lenses is sure to help you blend in with the crowd, and can also help you achieve a more academic look when attempting to bag that librarian you met at the coffee shop.

  • Shwood Sunglasses

    Forget simulated wood grain — Shwood Sunglasses ($95) are handcrafted from actual wood. They're available in two basic styles, the Wayfarer-like Canby and the more squarish Govy, and can be ordered in a variety of different woods, all with your choice of Carl Zeiss lenses. Just remember: these probably aren't the best shades to wear to the beach, water park, or campfire — we're guessing they're at least a little flammable.

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