MUCU Notebooks

MUCU Notebooks

Move over, Moleskine. MUCU Notebooks ($12-$20) are made by a small Tokyo-based company using artisan techniques, hand-finished and built using largely untreated materials like newspaper stock, canvas, and tarpaulin. Styles include the Moleskine-like pocket ringbook, the Field Notes-esque blank note in both medium and small sizes, and the unfortunately Mead Five Star-reminiscent squared ringnote.

  • Billykirk Journal

    If the slim black cover of your Moleskine notebook simply isn't cutting it for you, perhaps you should consider a Billykirk Journal ($145). Looking like a relic from a forgotten age when penmanship was still more important than typing speed, this high-end journal cover is hand stitched from tan leather, with a clever pencil-loop closure and dimensions that make it just right for standard Moleskine notebooks.

  • Ruby Receptionists

    One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners — especially those running a virtual office — is finding someone to man the phones. Ruby Receptionists is a Portland-based company that seeks to help with this problem by providing a team of friendly, trained virtual receptionists who can answer your company's phone calls, forward them to you, send calls to voicemail, and even transcribe important messages and deliver them via email should you be tied up taking care of another project. It's not just cheaper than hiring an on-site receptionist — it also eliminates any chance of your colleagues becoming overly enamored with the new help. [Thanks, Greg]

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