Mugu House

Ingrained in a cliffside on the Malibu coast, the Mugu House sits without disruption to its surrounding environment. The home is constructed from a prefabricated concrete produced from locally sourced materials, resulting in noticeably fewer CO2 emissions. A moveable layer of wooden screens form native tribal patterns and conceal the exterior from the coast, while also creating a series of solar occultations. Adorned with lichens and succulent, the interior layout of the home was determined by the topography of the landscape, with traditional partitions replaced by the organic projection of the rocky hillside. The emphasis on nature didn't stop there: a massive bay window provides panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean below.

Photos: Malka Architecture

  • Church Hill Barn

    Situated on the Suffolk and Essex border, the Church Hill Barn was formally a collection of farm buildings for the Assington Hall Estate. Using a large barn at the center of the property, the existing structure was left exposed to the interior, creating a palette of brick, timber, and polished concrete. Materials for the restoration were salvaged from other buildings on the site that were too far gone to restore. The floor plan was left largely open, with the exception of freestanding birch plywood partitions to conceal private and sleeping areas. Glazed sliding doors fill openings in the original brick facade for access to the courtyard, while also framing in views of the open fields.

    Photos: Steve Lancefield / David Nossiter Architects

  • F House

    Sealed by an ominous slab of dark stone, the F House is a stark contrast from its somber facade. A tree-lined walkway leads to a timber slat wall, opening to the first of a series of private courtyards. The structure itself is composed of mostly glass, creating a bright, light-filled interior to admire the property's mature trees and gardens. Internally, the double-height volumes consist of a lounge, lobby, kitchen, dining room and living area, minimal in both color and decor. At the rear of the home, a glazed wall opens out to an enclosed swimming pool and outdoor exercise pavilion, separated from the rest of the exterior by a glass balustrade.

    Photos: Amit Geron / Pitsou Kedem Architects

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