Muppet Whatnot Puppet

Muppet Whatnot Puppet

Ever wish you could design your very own Muppet? Well, now you can with the Muppet Whatnot Puppet ($90). Using an online tool, you can pick your Muppet's body color, eyes, nose, hair, and outfit. Custom made, each Whatnot is a hand and rod puppet, just like the real thing, standing 16 inches tall and packed in its own clear drawstring backpack for easy portability. Funny voices, elaborate sets, and banana cream pies not included. [Thanks, Myra]

  • Catch 22 Yo-Yo

    If you're looking for the ultimate in yo-yos, take a gander at the Catch 22 Yo-Yo ($460). This luxury toy is limited to just 70 units worldwide and boasts a bi-metallic design with a black aluminum body and titanium rims for excellent weight distribution, along with a long-spinning Dorothy bearing and a silicone response system for great play and feel. It comes complete with its own carrying case and a host of extra parts; ability to actually yo-yo not included. [Thanks, Alex]

  • Erector Spykee

    Who wouldn't want their own spy robot? The Erector Spykee ($300) is a wireless spy robot from Erector that can be configured into three different models, and offers features like built-in Wi-fi for controlling the robot over the internet, a built-in camera and mic for taking real-time pics or video, a motion sensor for guardian-like duties, Skype 3.0 tech for use as a VoIP phone and camera, and an IR auto-parking recharging system that automatically keeps the little guy read to go.

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