Mypressi TWIST

Mypressi TWIST

When most people think of espresso, they think of large, hulking machines bolted to marble countertops. But it doesn't have to be this way. The new mypressi TWIST ($129) is an elegant, compact, and completely portable espresso machine, offering up intense, caffeinated goodness from any location. Powered by standard gas cartridges, the TWIST can use either your favorite ground coffee or any ESE pod to create the perfect expresso shot time after time. Now you'll be able to satiate your caffeine addiction anywhere you go, without the nuisance of batteries or power cables. [Thanks, Jerry]

  • GI Metal Pro Pizza Cutter

    The GI Metal Pro Pizza Cutter ($28) is made from stainless steel and features a 3.5-inch rolling blade (which can be easily sharpened or replaced). Unlike typical pizza cutters made for home use, this professional grade cutter is sturdy and well made and dishwasher safe. No pizza, not even a Chicago-style deep dish, will be safe while you're brandishing this cutter.

  • NitroCream

    You've gotta admit: any gadget involving liquid nitrogen has to be cool. The NitroCream N2-G4 ($35,000 and up) is no exception, using a patented process to create small, customized batches of ice-cream, gelato, yogurt, and other frozen concoctions in only seconds, thanks to a special liquid nitrogen cooling process. In addition, the same liquid nitrogen operation makes the NitroCream eco-friendly, meaning it'll be easy on the planet — even if the result isn't as easy on your waistline.

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