Spruce up your backyard or garden with NightOrbs ($400 and up). Each individually crafted orb is made from hand-blown glass, and connects easily to a low-voltage power system to provide decoration during the day and a great-looking, organic glow at night. The perfect accent for your outdoor nighttime endeavors.

  • Kithaus K3

    Thinking of building a yourself an outdoor man room or office? Skip the normal, bland pre-fab game and check out the Kithaus K3 (starts at $29,500). This modern building uses a proprietary clamping system to make installation quick, easy, and virtually waste-free. All of the lightweight, anodized aluminum pieces are pre-cut and drilled in Southern California and shipped to you for on-site assembly, which takes only a few days. As a bonus, the Kithaus is built with eco-friendly materials, and you can order one complete with decks, canopies, and louvers for under $45,000; solar and furnished packages are also available. It's the ultimate adult treehouse.

  • Gameboy Bricks

    If you're searching for a more unique base for your outdoor walkway than the average masonry at your local Home Depot, look no further than these Gameboy Bricks ($46/each). These bricks are made from original, brick-like Gameboy units, giving your front or backyard retro gaming cred that can only come from merging centuries-old building techniques with decade-old tech. Tetris not included. [via]

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