Norden Planters

With simple designs that allow the plant within to shine, Norden Planters are a great addition to your decor whether you place them indoors or out. They come in three sizes — 10-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch — with the smallest suitable for stand use and the biggest made for large plants or trees. Each is made from high-fire terracotta in Baja, California, has a drainage hole to release excess moisture, and comes in your choice of white, black, or natural terracotta finishes.

  • Garden Igloo

    Simple to set up and environmentally friendly, the Garden Igloo is an interesting alternative to the backyard hideout. The frame of this geodesic dome is made with PVC struts and high-strength nylon joints, and covered by a transparent PVC cover. It's over seven feet tall at its highest point and nearly 12 feet in diameter, so there's plenty of room inside, and should you decide you'd rather have shade than shelter, the optional canopy cover offers added privacy from the rear and an open entrance that's ideal for warmer weather.

  • Fluid Smart Water Meter

    You track your power usage. The Fluid Smart Water Meter lets you do the same with your plumbing. This simple device attaches easily to your home's main incoming water line and connects wirelessly to a companion app to let you monitor your water usage. It can recognize specific appliances or fixtures by having you run them while telling the monitor what you're using, and can give you warnings if there's a leak, if a hose or faucet gets left on, or even if you're toilet is running — providing big savings with little work on your part.

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