Normann Copenhagen Knives

Normann Copenhagen Knives

Professional performance meets gallery-worthy looks in Normann Copenhagen Knives ($81-$120). Designed by Francis Cayouette, these stylish knives feature Japanese stainless steel paired with unique, modern resin handles that make them feel like an extension of your arm. With looks this good, you won't be hiding these away in a drawer.

  • Windex with Vinegar

    If you've been down the cleaning aisle lately, you might recall feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are cleaners for all purposes (and all-purpose cleaners), situations, lifestyles, age, smells, you name it. It seems companies just can't stop producing crap to clean with. If you're fed up with all the pressure from picking the right cleaning product, then Windex has produced one that is slightly redeeming of its multiple perpetrations against cabinet clutter (and the environment). Windex with Vinegar ($5) uses a special solution blended with vinegar that cuts through virtually any piece of scum you can throw at it. Safe for kitchens, bathrooms, tables and whatever, it's the ultimate cleaning product for the guy who can't be troubled with cleaning products. You're welcome.

  • Ultimate Professional Drink Maker

    Ever notice how your frozen drinks never come out as good as the ones you had on vacation? Don't blame yourself — blame your gear. The Ultimate Professional Drink Maker ($2,000) is the pro's secret to the perfect drink, featuring the Revolution Portion System that maintains just the right ice-to-liquid ratio, a 3hp motor, a water drain to keep ice fresh, and a Wave-Action system that continually forces the mixture down into the blades, resulting in smooth, well-mixed, consistent drinks.

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