Offset Shed House

Composed of a series of imbalanced structures on the New Zealand coastline, the Offset Shed House uses its design to take advantage of natural resources. The home's uneven scheme circulates the ocean breeze and natural sunlight to heat and cool the interior and allow for seasonal living. Covered in corrugated black metal, the exterior pays homage to the primitive, self-erected architecture found in the surrounding area. A wall of south-facing windows afford views of the Pacific, while a series of cedar-clad pergolas give you the option to enjoy the oceanfront first-hand.

Photos: Irving Smith Architects/Patrick Reynolds

  • Nook House

    Camouflaged by its snowy plot, the Nook House uses a white-painted pine exterior to pay homage to its native Quebec winters. The two-story holiday home is made up of a pair of stacked forms to accommodate the steep terrain. The main roof extends out over the folded upper level to create a south-facing terrace for shelter during warmer months. In contrast to its fair facade, polished concrete floors, stark black finishes, and warm cedar seilings run throughout the interior. Glazed walls surround the open living space, taking advantage of natural light and the neighboring Lake Memphremagog.

    Photos: MU Architecture

  • Rust Residence

    Designed to accommodate an affection for reclaimed materials, the Rust Residence takes inspiration from Dallas' prairie homesteads in the Texas Blackland. The home is separated by function throughout a series of buildings connected by a continuous walkway. The simple forms are covered in panels of recycled corrugated steel, weathering over time and giving the home a unique patina. Salvaged timber taken from old snow fencing add to the vintage quality of the exterior on the north and south walls. In contrast to the reclaimed exterior, the inside carries a contemporary theme with minimal decor, concrete floors, and clean white walls. A large set of glass doors open up to one of four outdoor patios, allowing the kitchen to flow out to the pool for relief from those blazing Texas days.

    Photos: Buchanan Architecture

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