Old Barn Reclaimed Wood Co.

Old Barn Reclaimed Wood Co.

Nothing adds a sense of history and warmth to a home quite like aged wood, and the Old Barn Reclaimed Wood Co. is a fine place to acquire some. Apart from the eco-friendliness of re-using materials, Old Barn also goes out of its way to find high-quality, unique reclaimed wood, which it uses to make flooring, beams, paneling, and furniture, all of which is sold alongside straight reclaimed lumber and barn wood. Perfect for restoring an classic home or adding a unique touch to a modern living space.

  • Sunforce Solar Charging & Wind Generator Kits

    Cut down on your power bills and help out the planet at the same time with Sunforce Solar Charging ($285) & Wind Generator ($480) Kits. The 60 Watt solar kit is designed for RVs, cabins, 12-volt battery charging, and other off-grid types of power demands with its 7 Amp charge controller, 175-watt inverter, and LED charging indicator, while the 400 Watt wind generator can power larger items like appliances and electronics, and features an aluminum and carbon fiber composite build, built-in regulator for shutting the system down when connected batteries are charges, and the ability to mount to any sturdy building, pole, or the specially-designed Sunforce 44455 Wind Generator 30-Foot Tower Kit.

  • Audubon Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

    Now there's an even better way to recycle your plastic two-liter bottles. Instead of taking them to the curb, just connect one to the Audubon Soda Bottle Bird Feeder ($15). Hang the sturdy cast zinc adaptor from a tree or pole, and you've created an economical, squirrel-proof bird feeder, satiating the neighborhood birds for months. It's gentler on the environment, and the birds will remember your kindness. Because you never know when that flock might turn on you.

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