Old Time Sling Shot

Fell your own Goliath with the Old Time Sling Shot ($21). This piece of classic weaponry is made from the hearty "Y" branches of the Buckthorn bush, with natural latex tubing and a leather projectile pouch added using sinew, and a light coat of mineral oil applied to enhance and protect the wood. Time to start looking for some oversized seeds. [Thanks, Michael]

  • Star Wars AT-AT

    Just in time for the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back comes this re-imagining of one of the Star Wars saga's most awesome vehicles. The new Hasbro Star Wars AT-AT ($100) is a behemoth toy worthy of the All Terrain Armored Transport name, measuring in at over two feet tall, nearly 28 inches long, and 12 inches wide, with room inside for up to 20 action figures, LED lights, authentic movie sounds and phrases, projectile-firing cannons, a deployable speeder bike, a retractable zip-line to recreate Luke's dramatic rise, articulated legs for maximum poseability, an included 3.75-inch AT-AT driver action figure, and tons of other details that make this the AT-AT toy to have.

  • Monopoly Revolution

    It only took 75 years or so, but someone finally got around to doing a first-rate redesign of the classic Monopoly board. Monopoly Revolution ($35; Fall 2010) eschews the game's traditional square surface for a modern circular board, while retaining all the fun gameplay of the original. New features include updated "here and now" pricing, an electronic game pod that keeps track of players' money — via electronic banking cards — and also provides sound effects and song clips that correspond with events in the game.

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