Olloclip iPhone 7 Lenses

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus carry Apple's most advanced cameras yet. Make them even more powerful with Olloclip iPhone 7 Lenses. They come in three different sets, including the Core, with fisheye, super-wide, and 15x macro lenses, the Active, with ultra-wide and 2x telephoto lenses, and the Macro, with 7x, 14x, and 21x options. All of the multi-element glass makes use of the slip-on mount that keeps the lens flush with the camera, and can be paired with the optional Ollo Case for added protection.

  • Cinebody iPhone Super8 Case

    The iPhone is already great at shooting video. The Cinebody iPhone Super8 Case makes it better. Designed to recall cameras of yore, it has its own microphone, a trigger that makes it easy to start and stop recording, a cold shoe for mounting accessories, a patent-pending focusing eyepiece, and interchangeable 58mm lenses that give you more shooting options than the built-in glass. When used with the companion app, you can also control exposure, frame rate, and focus, giving you a filming rig far more versatile than the built-in Camera app.

  • Pictar iPhone Camera Grip

    Every year, the camera in your iPhone gets better. Every year, the controls stay the same. Take full advantage of your most used camera with the Pictar iPhone Camera Grip. It gives you a dual-stage shutter release that lets you lock focus and exposure like an SLR, as well as wheels for taking control of exposure compensation, zoom, ISO, and/or shutter speed, a toggle for the selfie camera, a strap for preventing drops, a cold shoe for external mics/flashes, and a standard tripod mount. And since it uses high-frequency sound waves of 18500-20000 kHz to operate, its battery life ranges in the months, not hours or days.

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