Oluce Stone Outdoor Lamp

Oluce Stone Outdoor Lamp

If you want your outdoor lighting to look a little less like a set piece from Tomorrowland, check out these Oluce Stone Outdoor Lamps ($320). Available in two sizes as plug-in or hardwired models, and made from durable, weather-tested polyethylene, the Stones are great looking without taking away from natural outdoor beauty.

  • Loft Cube

    Ever wonder what it would be like to build a place on the top of a small building? That's exactly what the Loft Cube (From $111,000) was designed for — that, and people on the move. The Cube was designed to be a temporary living structure, which can be placed anywhere from rooftops in Berlin to a prairie in South Dakota. The interiors are customizable by client, as are the window treatments that decide whether you're living in a glass house or in a glass house with nice blinds. It's the modern, stylish equivalent of a trailer — and we mean that in the best way possible. [Thanks, Josh]

  • Nimes Reclining Deckchair

    During the summer, the hardest decision we want to face is whether to grab a chair or a lounge — but with the Nimes Reclining Deckchair ($800), we don't have to choose. Designed by Andreas Jaroschek as the perfect siesta chair, the Nimes allows the sitter to go from reading posture all the way back to a flat resting position — and then folds to a depth of six inches when not in use. Manufactured in Provence from flax oil-treated beech and ecru canvas, the Nimes Reclining Deckchair may just be our throne for the entire Summer.

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