Oooms Solar Birdhouse

Oooms Solar Birdhouse

Let your avian buddies in on the eco-friendly movement with the Oooms Solar Birdhouse ($100). Built from FSC-certified Meranti wood, this unassuming traditional birdhouse features a small solar panel on the roof, which charges an internal battery used to light up the landing stick at night, which attracts bugs and makes it easier for your feathered friends to find a late-night snack.

  • Husqvarna Panthera Leo

    Sure, it's just a concept, but we'd be happy to mow the whole neighborhood's lawns aboard the Husqvarna Panthera Leo ($TBA). Powered by electricity and made from recycled materials, the Panthera features three individually suspended cutting decks run by five brushless electric engines, sensors to suggest the ideal cutting height and speed for your lawn, two hours of cutting time from the lithium-phosphate battery, a LCD display, and zero-turn functionality.

  • Sunforce Solar Charging & Wind Generator Kits

    Cut down on your power bills and help out the planet at the same time with Sunforce Solar Charging ($285) & Wind Generator ($480) Kits. The 60 Watt solar kit is designed for RVs, cabins, 12-volt battery charging, and other off-grid types of power demands with its 7 Amp charge controller, 175-watt inverter, and LED charging indicator, while the 400 Watt wind generator can power larger items like appliances and electronics, and features an aluminum and carbon fiber composite build, built-in regulator for shutting the system down when connected batteries are charges, and the ability to mount to any sturdy building, pole, or the specially-designed Sunforce 44455 Wind Generator 30-Foot Tower Kit.

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