Original Moonshine

We'll admit to having sipped on illegal hooch more than once or twice, but if you'd rather not roll the dice with your eyesight — or possibly your life — then grab yourself a bottle of Original Moonshine ($TBA). This 80 proof clear whiskey is charcoal-filtered and distilled four times in a Prohibition-era copper pot still for a drink that's all-natural and gluten-free, with a flavor that's smooth, mellow, and surprisingly mixable. Drink out of a Mason jar with whole fruit chunks for extra authenticity points.

  • Tuned Pale Ale

    It's little secret that most people enjoy music when they're drinking, but what about making music with their drinks? Tuned Pale Ale ($TBA) is an ingenious microbrew that features a vertical note scale on the edge of the label — just drink down to your desired note, and blow on the top. In addition to having up to six "blow" notes, the backs of the bottles sport ridges for Latin-style percussion, and the box flips upside-down to reveal a tongue drum that produces six different tones, one for each of the bottle slots. It's like Rock Band, only a lot cheaper, and with a much higher alcohol content.

  • Rogue Dead Guy Ale

    You can't help but love a beer that got its name from a bunch of Deadheads celebrating the Mayan Day of the Dead, and it's even better when the brew is actually good. Rogue Dead Guy Ale ($9) is a German Maibock-style beer with a powerful flavor, made with Rogue's proprietary Pacman ale yeast, free range coastal water, and high-end malts and hops, resulting in a honey-colored brew with a taste to die for.

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