P3ProSwing Virtual Golf Simulator

P3ProSwing Virtual Golf Simulator

Get your golfing fix without disrupting your isolated, hermit-like lifestyle with the P3ProSwing Virtual Golf Simulator ($900 and up). This best-selling swing analysis and golf simulation system uses a sensor-filled platform tied to proprietary PC software to create a visual representation of your swing, provide scientific analysis of each swing, and recreate your swing on a virtual golf course. Some models even come with EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour in the package — although we doubt it's as fun as the new version for Xbox. [Thanks, Nicholas]

  • Easton S19 Z-Shock Hockey Helmet

    The Winter Olympics might be over, but hockey season is still in full swing, so protect your noggin from pucks, bumps, and the hardened fists of opposing enforcers with the Easton S19 Z-Shock Hockey Helmet ($170). Made using a patented manufacturing process that combines polycarbonate micro-shells with Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam, the S19 is ultra lightweight yet surpasses minimum protection guidelines by as much as 40%. Just remember: it doesn't have a face mask, so mouthguard use is recommended — unless, of course, you actually want a "methhead smile."

  • Head Youtek Prestige Pro

    Expanding on the company's tour-ready series of Prestige racquets, the Head Youtek Prestige Pro ($200-$225) is at your command. The Pro is based around d3o, a "smart material" that changes its properties — including stiffness — based on that particular shot, and also features a stiffer frame with Teflon grommets, a leather grip, and a more open string pattern to provide extra pop on agressive shots.

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