Paradox PS2 Controller

Paradox PS2 Controller

The Paradox PlayStation 2 Controller ($45) is designed to take your PS2 gaming habit to a new level. A special control lets you mimic a computer mouse to make things like camera movements and aiming easier. It works with compatible games via a USB port built into the PS2 to let you control the mouse features and gamepad at the same time.

  • Ford Racing Arcade Game

    This twin-unit Ford Racing Arcade Game ($19,000) might take your life savings to buy, but at least you'll never again have to waste another quarter of your own to play. Featuring the game Ford Racing: Full Blown, the PC-based arcade system is equipped with force-feedback wheels, driving pedals, and authentic racing seats. The game features the greatest Fords ever, including the 68' Mustang GT, 66' Thunderbird Convertible, and SVT Cobra. The game has 12 tracks across 5 zones, and will automatically update the cabinets simultaneously with 8 new cars and 12 tracks at a pre-set date.

  • Wii NES & SNES Controller Adapters

    With the Wii now released and new retro games coming all the time for its Virtual Console service, it's time to decide: do you want to play with the Wii Classic Controller, or with the originals? These Wii NES and SNES Controller Adapters ($19 each) plug into the GameCube ports on the Wii to allow you to experience your retro games with the original controllers they were designed for.

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