Peugeot Electric Wine Opener

Peugeot Electric Wine Opener

If you're planning a long night of drinking, let the Peugeot Electric Wine Opener ($120) do all of the heavy lifting. The stainless steel wine opener uncorks bottles in seconds with only a press of a button. It's rechargeable, fits any size bottle, and works with natural and synthetic corks.

  • Index Chopping Boards

    Ever freak out over cross-contamination in your kitchen? These Index Chopping Boards ($85) are here to help. Color-coded for different food types (red/raw meat, white/cooked foods, blue/fish, green/fruits and veggies), all four boards are dishwasher safe, and are stored in a stylish vertical filing unit. Never again will you accidentally cut your limes on the same board as you cut your steaks.

  • UtiliTILE: Forked Up

    Cheeky name aside, the UtiliTILE: Forked Up ($300) is a fun, functional addition to any kitchen. Part of the larger UtiliTILE: Dining series of lacquered wall tiles, Forked Up provides storage for your silverware, while making it look as if you've been practicing your knife-throwing skills. Magnets make sure everything stays in its place, and for those living in smaller homes, it's sure to open up some valuable drawer space.

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