Phosphor E-Ink Watch

Phosphor E-Ink Watch

So modern, it's amazing Starck didn't think of it first. The Phosphor E-Ink Watch ($200) bears more than a little resemblance to Philippe's line of semi-iconic watches for Fossil, but goes beyond with an amazingly contrasty e-Ink screen, a plated stainless steel case, a crystal cover for the display, and a simple leather strap. It's like a wrist-sized Kindle. Or something.

  • Bell & Ross Vintage Collection

    Take a trip back in time with the Bell & Ross Vintage Collection ($TBA). Best known for their incredibly stylish square cased watches, the Vintage Collection harkens back to a golden age of aviation, when autopilot consisted of a stick against the yoke and digital instruments were little more than a pipe dream. Features include round cases, oversized hour indicators, and vintage leather straps that look the part.

  • MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

    From the same minds that brought you the Frog Watch — otherwise known as Horological Machine No. 3 — comes the MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch ($TBA), yet another piece of wrist-worn art masquerading as a timepiece. Also known as Horological Machine No. 4, the Thunderbolt sports a jet-inspired design with turbine-like pods for the time and power reserve, connected to the power reserve via unique vertical gear trains. In fact, each of the 311 components — including the titanium case, regulator, and even the screws — were developed specifically for this watch. It's finished off with a black hand-stitched calfskin strap with a custom designed titanium and white gold buckle.

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