PodBrix 1984 Playset

PodBrix 1984 Playset

Being the Mac fans that we are, we've been patiently waiting for PodBrix to release another Apple-inspired Lego creation. The PodBrix 1984 Playset ($200; Aug. 2) is the artist's latest and most ambitious set yet. Inspired by the classic "1984" Super Bowl ad that introduced the Macintosh, the set contains 15 figures in all, including a detailed "runner" figure, 2 riot police figures, and 12 audience members. It also features an LED backlit movie screen displaying a "Big Brother" figure. If you think this is as sweet as we do, get ready to pony-up the cash tomorrow — there's only 100 available. [via]

  • Remote Controlled Shark

    Freaking out the neighbors is always a good time, but after a while the same ol' gags just simply won't work anymore. Step up your game with this Remote Controlled Robotic Shark ($100). Simply hide this baby in their pool and when they come out to swim, release Jaws-like fury upon their legs! Okay, so it's really only two feet long and it won't be eating any flesh anytime soon, but it can work 40' from the remote and go up to 9' deep, so it can still get some decent laughs.

  • Mini Catapult and Trebuchet

    Ever since we were little and saw the Smurfs using one, we've wanted a real catapult. With the Catapult and Trebuchet Kit ($20-$30), we can finally fulfill our dream. The catapult has a range of ten feet, while the trebuchet has a range of twenty, and both come precut and pre-drilled, so you don't have too hard a time getting your little poo-flingers together. So go ahead, take aim at the POS office copier, and re-affirm your manliness.

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