Poler Wunder Bundler

Yes, the Poler Wunder Bundler ($25) can keep your six-pack cold — but don't confuse it with a cooler. This versatile implement can also keep hot food warm, serve as padding for shock-sensitive gear, work as a reflector to attract attention in an emergency, become an impromptu baby-changing station, or just save your knees from getting dirty when taking low-angle shots outdoors. Let's see your Igloo do that.

  • VitalGrill

    Whether you're outdoors by choice or by necessity, the VitalGrill ($80-$170) will let you cook up a tasty meal using nothing but a couple batteries and whatever burnables you can find. Available in stove and barbecue varieties, the VitalGrill is powered by two AA batteries that run a blower fan, allowing your fire to produce up to 20,000 BTU of heat while your food cooks in no time. Being a product designed for the outdoors, it's easily collapsible, making it a no-brainer to include in your "shit just hit the fan" bag.

  • Zippo Outdoor Gear

    Yes, they really do make more than just lighters. Zippo Outdoor Gear ($25-$300) is an all-new line of camping equipment, including a dependable Windproof Stove that borrows tech from the aforementioned lighters to keep the fire burning, a rugged, stylish All-Terrain Grill with an oversized stainless steel work surface, a log carrier, a 4-in-1 Woodsman tool that serves as a saw, axe, mallet, and puller, a LED-based Rugged Lantern, and the unique Utensil Tree for keeping all your grilling tools safe and off the ground. The bad news? You won't be using any of it this year, as the lineup doesn't launch until Spring 2013.

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