Primus Kinjia Camp Stove

Just because you're cooking in the great outdoors doesn't mean you have to resort to whatever you can fit on a stick or in a pot. With the Primus Kinjia Camp Stove, you get a double burner setup that's as portable as any backpack. Its lightweight fold-up design makes it easy to carry, while the powerful burners run off standard propane cylinders and allow you to cook nearly anything you can on a normal range. In addition, the grids and drip tray are completely removable, making it as easy to clean as it is to transport.

  • Autonomous Tent

    Designed by architect Harry Gesner to be both beautiful and portable, the Autonomous Tent is an eco-conscious way to enjoy the outdoors. Available in two sizes — the 700 sq ft Cocoon and the 1,000 sq ft Tipi — these shelters can be set up or taken down in a matter of days, with a curved design that features strong frames made from steel, aluminum, or laminated beams, and translucent fabric shells engineered to handle winds of up to 90 mph and heavy loads of snow. They sit on wooden decks, so they don't need a foundation, and they can easily hook in to available utilities or, if necessary, can be outfitted with solar panels, composting systems, grey water systems, and other equipment that allow them to operate off-grid.

  • Yshoot Sport Pack Slingshot

    Highly compact but still powerful, the Yshoot Sport Pack Slingshot is a reliable weapon that fits in your pocket. It's built from polycarbonate and weighs just 1.6 oz, including the elastic bands, and has a loader attached to the handle that uses magnets to keep the stainless steel marbles in place until you're ready to shoot. The unique design means it doesn't need the customary armrest, and it arrives with a pair of bands and a pouch to keep everything together.

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